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Where are we going to go? The struggles of family homelessness in our country and states…

“Where are we going to go?” This is the question an eight year old girl asks her mother night after night as they navigate homelessness in Shante Norton’s Where are we going to go? The story is told from the child’s perspective as she tries to find normalcy in school while her family floats between […]

Dealing with Stressful Moments: 5 De-Escalation Techniques for Avoiding the Meltdown

You can see it coming…you’re out, running errands, and you’ve been in the busy grocery store just a smidge too long. The music is blaring over the loudspeaker, there are people pushing and shoving all around you, and the small behaviors that you have been noticing in your children over the past several minutes are […]

The Long-Term Effects of Stress on Your Family…What Can You Do About It?

As I turn the aisle in the grocery store, I see you, sweet Momma. Your face is drawn and tired as one child is crying out of exhaustion from a busy day of errands, while the other (carefully placed in the cart to minimize destructive behavior while shopping) begins to pull things off the shelf, […]

Teaching Your Kids to Recognize Signs of Stress: 5 Practical Tips

“Sometimes my skin gets burning hot and my jaw and fists feel hard as rocks (Garcia, 2017).” In her picture book Listening to My Body, Gabi Garcia narrates the main character noticing sensations in his body as he becomes nervous, excited, angry, etc. When teaching young children to improve coping skills, it is imperative that we teach […]


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