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The Long-Term Effects of Stress on Your Family…What Can You Do About It?

As I turn the aisle in the grocery store, I see you, sweet Momma. Your face is drawn and tired as one child is crying out of exhaustion from a busy day of errands, while the other (carefully placed in the cart to minimize destructive behavior while shopping) begins to pull things off the shelf, waving them in your face before dropping them into the cart. 

We’ve all been in your shoes, about two seconds away from a total meltdown. 

The truth is that many parents around the world are living at a pace that is unsustainable. We are cramming way too much into our already short days, and our families are paying the price from the added stress. 

The SCAN organization (2020) writes, “Every family reacts different to stress, but some of the most common effects include:

  • Arguments, fighting and other poor communication skills.
  • Fatigue, health problems and general exhaustion because of busy schedules.
  • Confusion (especially in children) about relationships with other family members.
  • More dependence on food, alcohol and other substances.”

So, what can we do to alleviate the stress our families are experiencing? Here are 5 key strategies to help battle the harmful effects of stress on your family.

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