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Families look different, and that’s okay! Raising kind and compassionate children in an increasingly judgmental world…

By Brandy Browne

Being a parent can be really difficult sometimes. When our children come to us with a comment, such as “—-‘s parents aren’t married, and they have three kids” or “—- has two dads,” it can be really challenging not to reply with a comment that has an unintentional judgmental tone. If I am being honest, I hope my children grow up, get married, and then have children. However, no matter what choices they make, they will always be one hundred percent loved. I never want my children to tell their friends, “My mom said you aren’t supposed to live together and not be married.” Regardless of how that child’s family looks or functions, they are worthy of respect. Also, goodness knows that many two parent traditional households these days are dysfunctional at best! It is absolutely essential that I raise my children to treat others with compassion and respect, regardless of how different their circumstances may be from our traditional two parent home. The great leaders of the world today hail from many different types of family compositions, and having a certain type of family is not what depicts what type of human being you are. Enjoy this clip while I read Families! Families! Families! by Suzanne and Max Lang and discuss how to tackle the touchy topic of “families can look different, and that’s okay” with your children!

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