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The Declining Mental Health of Educators: 15 Resources for Teachers & Youth Workers

By Brandy Browne

Few professions have as many professionals with a diagnosed mental health disorder as teaching. Smiley (2020), a reporter for Occupational Health and Safety, reports, “In fact, a recent study from the UCL Institute of Education reports that one in every 20 teachers (or about five percent) suffer with a mental illness that has lasted, or is likely to last, more than a year”.

Educators are influencing the lives of our youth every day, but come home and suffer; too burnt out to deepen relationships with their own family. 

Often, it is correlated to the trauma teachers witness in their students. It is possible to develop a mental health issue due to secondary exposure to trauma. We are so focused on lessening their burden that it becomes our own to bear. 

Growing awareness of the plight of poor mental health in our teachers around the world has led to a boom of resources available that attempt to provide support to educators and lessen the hold that mental illness has on the profession. 

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