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Making Kindness a Family Affair

By Brandy Browne

In light of Random Acts of Kindness Day on February 17, we wanted to ask our children’s writer Brandy Browne about how families can practice kindness together – here is her response along with a few book recommendations.

Teaching your children to be kind to others is definitely the moral thing to do, but raising kind children also has major physical and mental benefits for the entire family as well. The Parent Co. (2016) has reported that our brain chemistry actually changes when we do something kind for others.

Practicing kindness in some way activates the vagus nerve, which in turn releases those feel good hormones into our brains. Practicing kindness can actually relieve aches and pains, lower feelings of stress and depression, and increase your life expectancy. This makes the benefits of instilling kindness in your family even more immense. 

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