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Settling in for the slowdown

By Brandy Browne

My Facebook feed was filled with friends declaring how different this holiday is from years past. I totally agree. However, not all changes were bad. We did not spend the day rushing between different houses for holiday gatherings. While I missed the company, I was able to sit in a lawn chair and hear the rambunctious giggles from my children as they attempted to launch Chicken Farmer Barbie into outer space on a rocket and be fully present in the moment, knowing there was nowhere pressing to be. More giggles ensued as my son put everyone in the house under nerf gun attack. I watched my husband slip into big kid mode as he took shots at everyone with the nerf gun and rocket launcher.

I spent time cuddled on the couch with my husband binge watching The Mandalorian. We smoked two deer roasts and a pork roast wrapped in bacon and did baked potatoes. We noshed on Christmas candy and cookies throughout the day. Now, it isn’t even 5:00 PM, and I am in my comfiest pajamas and wool socks.

The thing is that I am always so preoccupied with making sure everything is perfect from the presents to the food to the house to keeping the peace among the company that I often do not actually reach this relaxed point until everything is over. Today, we just kind of played it by ear. While I miss my family, I did make sure to appreciate the quiet moments with my husband and children too. I saw the same excitement in my daughter’s eyes looking at her lava lamp and fake nails that I am sure I had as a teenager. Watching Matt and Mykenzie conspire to send Chicken Farmer Barbie on her first rocket ride made my laugh til my sides ached and marvel at their, ahem, creativity. My poor husband attempted to ride the hoverboard. Well, comedy ensued from that too.

In this time of go, go, go, the pandemic has has forced us to slow down. Plenty of good has come from that too. I feel like I take more time outside with my family. We eat at home more. We spend more time at home in general during this season of life. And there are still many blessings in the middle of the crazy. Life isn’t too bad in this slow season of life. Our new “normal” is very different than the speed at which we were moving before, and I’m okay with that. #slowdown

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